It is the mission of The Oaks and Hillcrest Manor to each shepherd its employees. Both value family, faith, relationships, professional goals, personal goals, and work/life balance. Each desires to create a company culture that you will value. Long-term opportunities throughout North-Central and Eastern Oklahoma for clinical, administrative, management, and marketing professionals are available. Join either team and help fulfill the mission. For current employment opportunities click here.

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The Oaks Healthcare Center - Poteau, LLC DBA The Oaks
1501 Clayton Avenue
Poteau OK 74953

Bedlam Properties, LLC DBA Hillcrest Manor
1210 South 6th Street
Blackwell OK 74631

The Oaks and Hillcrest Manor are each an equal employment opportunity employer committed to non-discriminatory employment practices and patient services.

Disclaimer: Image Healthcare is not a legal entity, and it does not conduct business as either The Oaks or Hillcrest Manor. Image Healthcare does not make hiring decisions for either The Oaks or Hillcrest Manor. The Oaks and Hillcrest Manor each make its own employment decisions separate and apart from Image Healthcare. Image Healthcare merely hosts this site, and applications are directly submitted to The Oaks and/or Hillcrest Manor for an employment determination.